10 More Uses for Reusable Menstrual Pads that You Might Not Expect

10-more-uses for-reusable-menstrual-pads-that-you-might-not-expect

Reusable menstrual pads are becoming more widely recognized and famous than ever.
For those who don’t recognize what reusable menstrual pads are, they’re hygienic pads that look and feel like ordinary disposable pads but are reusable.
They serve the same or are more generous than standard disposable pads, but you remove them and wash them rather than knocking them out.
Reusable pads are not only economical in the long run but also healthier and environmentally friendly. Reusable pads are generous to your skin, pouch, and planet! They assure end-period poverty and are a fabulous option for you and your body.

So, in addition to the use of reusable menstrual pads during menstruation, what other unexpected uses does it have?!

1. Mild bladder leakage.

A leaky bladder can always be embarrassing, and it brings a certain amount of trouble to our daily lives. If you don't want to wear thick diapers or disposable sanitary pads, reusable menstrual pads are a great option. The pure cotton fabric has excellent water absorption after washing. The unique waterproof layer will keep urine in place without leakage! Also, keeping your skin dry, controlling odor, and protecting the skin from infections.

2. Daily leucorrhea care.

If you don't like the wet feel of vaginal discharge, reusable pantyliners can do this for you. The reusable pantyliners are so thin that you can't feel them there when you wear them over your panties. Compared to disposable pantyliners, reusable pantyliners are soft and chemical free and you can use them every day. Keep them in your bag, replace them as you like, and keep them dry throughout the day.

3. When you can't predict when your period will come.

Suppose you don’t have any clue when you get your next period; it can be helpful to have some reusable pantyliners in your purse; When you feel like your period is coming in a day or two, you may want to start wearing reusable pads to prevent the sudden onset of your period from soiling your pants; there are some indications that your period is coming, encompassing headaches, tender breasts, abdominal cramps, muscle irritations, worse back pain, bloating, fatigue, joint discomfort, acne, and constipation or diarrhea Wearing a reusable Cotton pantyliner (or keeping it in your bag or workspace) can enable you to be readied for whenever that comes about.

4. Postpartum bleeding.

There will be a long period of bleeding after childbirth, and you need to wear sanitary pads for a long time to absorb this blood, but long-term continuous use of disposable sanitary pads can make you feel uncomfortable, and itching and odor can follow. and reusable menstrual pads can absorb large amounts of bleeding while ensuring you are comfortable and secure while you heal from delivery.

During the vaginal healing period after childbirth, you can also put reusable menstrual pads in the freezer for a while so that they can act as an "ice pack" for the vaginal area to ease your postpartum wound discomfort.

5. Ovulation bleeding.

Ovulation bleeding occurs most frequently as an outcome of rapid instabilities in hormones that happen during ovulation. Ovulation bleeding tends to be short-lived, with little flow, perhaps just spotting. So wearing reusable pantyliners to soak up these small amounts of blood is perfect, and they can protect your expensive clothes from blood blots and also keep you from getting embarrassed.

6. Intermittent spotting from birth control.

Intermittent spotting is a side-effect of contraception or cervical disturbance and a slight cause of breakthrough bleeding. LUCKYPADS reusable menstrual pads can keeps your skin protected and dry, saves you from retaining stains, and controls odor.

7. Perimenopause bleeding.

Perimenopauseal women may see brown spots or discharge throughout the month and at other times, and the time leading up to it, your discharge may be pale and watery, or it may be lumpy, thick, and heavy. Reusable menstrual pads can help you get through this time comfortably, and protection from skin infection, stains, and unpleasant odor.

8. Increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, vaginal discharge will increase significantly. This will increase your dampness. Reusable pantyliners can help keep you away from dampness.

Reusable pantyliners made from organic cotton, it's soft, breathable, and chemical-free to help absorb secretions and keep you dry.

9. When using vaginal suppositories.

When using vaginal suppositories, some of the medicine will dissolve out of the vagina and stain your panties. Using the reusable menstrual pads can help absorb medicines that come out of the vagina and prevent your underwear from soiling.

10. If you are allergic to disposable sanitary pads. 

If you are allergic to the material or chemicals in disposable sanitary pads, you can try reusable menstrual pads instead. Luckypads reusable menstrual pads are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, they are chemical free, soft, comfortable and breathable, making them safe to use even on sensitive skin.


Not only reusable menstrual pads can help you get through your menstrual period comfortably, but also they're very versatile. Prepare some reusable menstrual pads in your daily life, it can help you solve many troubles.

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