On this page you will find information about our policies, answers to frequently asked questions, and product information.

Thanks for your interest in carrying LUCKYPADS products. We are excited to have you on our cloth pad journey! We will work at our best to provide you the assistance and needs in selling our products.

If you are interested in becoming a retailer of LUCKYPADS, please fill in the following form below and we will review your information and contact you shortly. If approved, we will notify you via email. *Submitting an application does not mean automatic approval/enrollment to our wholesale program.

Important Note:  We do not approve accounts for sellers who use any third-party platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc, or have an online store only. To be approved, you must have your own brick and mortar location.

Wholesale prices will be available once you are approved for the account.


Q: Is there a minimum amount that I have to order?

A: For the initial wholesale order, the minimum amount is $300. All subsequent orders will be at a minimum of $100.

Q: Do I pay for shipping?

A: All shipping charges will be specified on each individual order and added to the cost of the order once ready to be dispatched.

Q: Can I choose the patterns for my wholesale order?

A: You will be able to order the pads by both size and pattern. 

Q: Do I have to sell LUCKYPADS products at a certain price?

No, we have a Minimum Advertised Price policy that simply outlines the advertised prices of our products, not the actual price during transaction. It will be outlined in more detail in the Wholesale Agreement

Q: What happens if my customer wants to return / exchange?

A: Any returns/exchanges for LUCKYPADS products purchased at your store should be within your shop's policy. Please do not direct them to us as we only honour purchases made through our website for our return/exchange policy. Whether it’s a return or an exchange, please proceed the transaction with the customer. DO NOT accept washed, altered or used products. Important! If a customer wishes to return due to a defective product, please notify us immediately. For defective products, you will have to follow our defective product return policy, which is outlined in the Wholesale Agreement.

Can I cancel or return my order?

We accept cancellation and adjustment of orders within 24 hours of having acknowledged your order via email. After this time frame, we do not accept returns unless we initiate the return via a product recall.