Sizing & Patterns - Luckypads – LUCKYPADS

Size & Patterns

 Get Luckypads detailed size and available patterns information here.


**Disclaimer : There can be +/- 0.1oz (2-3g) differences for weight and +/-  0.1fl. oz. (1-5ml) differences for absorbency.


Patterns of Panty Liner

luckypads organic cotton panty linersluckypads organic panty liners

Patterns of Panty Liner Just For Leukorrhea Period

luckypads cotton panty liners washableluckypads cotton pantylinersluckypads cotton panty linersluckypads organic cotton panty linersluckypads reusable cotton panty liners

Patterns of Day Pads 200mm*80mm

luckypads chemical free nursing padluckypads cloth nursing padluckypads nursing pads patternluckypads organic nursing padsluckypads organic washable nursing pads

Patterns of Day Pads 230mm*80mm

luckypads best organic padsluckypads organic cloth padsluckypads organic cotton sanitary padsluckypads organic reusable pads

Patterns of Day Pads 250mm*80mm

luckypads cotton made padsluckypads cotton reusable menstrual padsluckypads organic cotton reusable padsluckypads pads made of cottonluckypads reusable cotton pads

Patterns of Day Pads Plus 280mm*80mm

luckypads cloth feminine pads patternsluckypads cloth incontinence pads patternsluckypads cloth nursing pads patternsluckypads cloth period pads patternsluckypads cloth sanitary pads patterns

Patterns of Night Pads/Night Pads Plus

luckypads menstrual cloth pads

Patterns of Night Pads/Night Pads Plus (Holder+Insert)

luckypads cloth pads menstrual

Patterns of Organic Insert

luckypads organic insert replacement


When choosing patterns for sets, choose a different pattern per size! It will be easier for you to find the wanted pad size