Your Ultimate Guide On How To Choose The Right Reusable Period Pads 2020

Your Ultimate Guide On How To Choose The Right Reusable Period Pads 2020

So you’ve decided to try reusable period pads, but what pads should you buy? Working it out can feel overwhelming — you need to think about how many you’ll need, what type is best, and whether you’ll have enough. You don’t want to get it wrong and waste your money, but where do you start? 

The secret to choosing the right pads is not rushing into things and feeling like you need to switch over in one swift move. It pays to do your homework first, and test things out before investing fully.

Let’s look at what you need to consider before making the switch to reusable period pads.

Consider your current disposable use

What you use to manage your period right now can give you clues about what reusables may work for you. In particular, think about your daily usage. 

As a guide, if you need 10 disposable day pads, 5 disposable night pads, 5 pantyliners for your entire cycle, so, number of LUCKYPADS reusable menstrual pads you need to manage your entire cycle is about the same with disposables or sometimes less.

The type of disposables you use will also guide you towards the kind of reusable menstrual pads that may work for you. So if you like an extra-long disposable pad, look for the same style in a reusable menstrual pad. If you prefer ultrathin, look for similar options. 

Get to know your flow

If you’ve never paid much attention to your cycle before, now is the perfect time to start. Most of us have different flows on different days and getting to know your body’s rhythm will help you make the best choice when it comes to selecting washable period pads. 

Period tracking apps are a brilliant way to gather information about your cycle. They can help you capture details about your flow each day (for example, you could record when you’re spotting, or have a light, medium or heavy flow). Whether you’re planning to use reusables or not, getting to know your flow is worthwhile.

Take your time and test

Once you’ve considered your current disposable pad and tampon use and gotten to know your flow, you’re ready to get started. But before making your full investment, it’s worthwhile testing out reusables for a couple of cycles. Just like trying all new things, there will be a time of adjustment and learning. In those test cycles, you’ll need to get a feel for how you’ll use your reusable sanitary pads, how they work, and how to wash

Here at LUCKYPADS, we recommend using reusable sanitary pads for one to two cycles before committing to a full set of pads. An excellent place to begin is the LUCKYPADS Starter Set

With your initial Starter Set purchase, you’ll be able to test the reusables out and get clear on what works for you. This will leave you well placed to invest in the perfect set of reusable sanitary pads like the LUCKYPADS Light Flow Set or Heavy Flow Set.


Over to you

Figuring out what reusable period pads you’ll need isn’t hard, but it does take some preparation. Paying attention to your current disposable use and getting to know your menstrual cycle will set you up for success in buying the right reusable period pads. Testing with a starter set before making a full investment is also an excellent strategy for ensuring you’re happy with your reusable pad purchases. 

So now, do you know how to choose the right reusable period pads for yourself? Convinced give it a try?

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