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Our organic night pad/night pad plus is designed especially for those of us with heavy flow! Great for postpartum too. 

• Certified Organic Cotton: our organic night pads are certified by GOTS.
• Material: 100% organic cotton, bamboo fiber gauze, TPU high breathable tarpaulin.
Internal Layers: 6 layers
Dimension: 280mm/340mm/400mm (3 Sizes Optional)
• Manufacturer: made in china
Weight: approx 30g/36g/40g

• High-Quality Snaps: high-quality plastic snaps that minimize the allergic reaction.

Benefits from switching to our organic night pad:
• Health Concerns: save yourself from conventional disposable pads and tampons that containing irritating chemicals and additives.
• Big Saving: after the initial investment, a stash of organic night pads can be used for 5-10 years without replacement, so it's much cheaper in the long-run.
• Environmental Protection: when you finally wear out your organic night pads, they can be completely biodegradable, and will decompose in 1-5 years.
• Comfort: organic night pads lack that distinctive sweaty feeling and foul odor disposables have because they are breathable. you can still have a waterproof barrier that isn't air-tight!

How to use

How to wash/clean

How to fold and store

Package Include:
• 1 piece night pad/night pad plus(sealed condition)
• 1 LUCKYPADS reusable bag

• Wash pads before first use.


Welcome to check out our testimonials from people who have made the switch already, or see our FAQ for even more information.


Ready to give our organic night pad a try? you won’t regret it! Buy now! with a discount!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I have super-heavy periods and didn¡¯t think that a cloth pad would be absorbent enough. Luckypads proved me wrong and I never have leaks with these things, even overnight. I love them so much


Where to start...customer service is awesome and very quick to respond. I forgot to add a second snap to my order and Nicole responded within a short while saying everything was good, and well ...I LOVE THEM, and a month later I was making my second order. Highly recommend I wish I switched sooner!


My favorite out of all the cloth pads I have tried. Extremely comfy, super soft and they stay in place. Lifetime customer for sure!


I'm starting a collection for my 12 year old for when she is ready and these are so pretty?? I love Luckypads. They are the best that I have tried. I have super heavy flow and the large pads are amazing. The night pads plus I wear for overnight and haven't needed to change in the middle of the night yet. Of all the brands I've tried this one doesn't leak at the stitching, doesn't wick into the wings


I bought these pads because I was wasting money on disposable pads due to long days of spotting. I was very surprised at the absorbency!!! I didn¡¯t think mine had anything in it, then I went to rinse it off and it was a lot of blood on there!!! Over all very pleased! Easy to clean and I threw mine in there the washer (after rinsing) and dried in dry .. stayed in good shape!