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Why should I create a customer account?

I’ve already submitted my order, but I need to make a change! What do I do? Is it too late?

What payment methods are available?

How do i use discount code?

Shipping Information

I live abroad. Can I still order ?

Does LUCKYPADS cover taxes, duty, etc. for international customers?

Can you mark it as a gift and lower value to avoid the customs taxes?

How do I track my order?

How long must I wait for my order after I submit my order?

Product FAQ


Why should i switch to reusable menstrual products?

What are the environmental benefits of using cloth pads?


What is LUCKYPADS made of?

Why are your snaps plastic and not metal or any other material?

What are the different types of LUCKYPADS?

How does LUCKYPADS differ from other cloth pads?


How long will LUCKYPADS last? how do i throw them away after?

What are the black dots on the pads?

Can teens use LUCKYPADS?

Can i use LUCKYPADS for incontinence or light bladder leakage?

Is LUCKYPADS suitable during pregnancy and for postpartum use?

Using Luckypads

How many and what size LUCKYPADS should i use?

How many LUCKYPADS should i purchase?

Will LUCKYPADS leak?

How do they stay in place?

Doesn't the snap on the pads make them uncomfortable?

How do i wash and care for my LUCKYPADS?

Will my cramps disappear if i use LUCKYPADS?

Is there no odour with LUCKYPADS?

What are the benefits for my skin if i use LUCKYPADS?


What if i find loose thread after washing?

I just used my LUCKYPADS for the first time and it doesn't absorb very well, what do i do ?

Any good tips on removing on the stain?

Can bleach be used on pads for stain removal?

Why is my pad turning green?

My pad become stiff and it's uncomfortable to wear