Heavy Flow Set
Heavy Flow Set
Heavy Flow Set
Heavy Flow Set
Heavy Flow Set
Heavy Flow Set
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Heavy Flow Set

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Our reusable menstrual pads heavy flow set is great for those with a heavy flow.

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Every woman deserves a better pad when period:

• MATERIAL: Made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton. The top layer, which goes up against your skin is GOTS certified organic cotton. that is safe for even the most sensitive of skin. without harmful bleaches or chemical. Safe & Sanitary. Breathable & Absorbent. Absorbs Leaks and odors in seconds, keeps you clean and 5X drier feeling all day long. 

• LEAKPROOF: Inside coating is made of high-quality TPU which allows air to flow through while resisting water. 100% Waterproof.

 STAY IN PLACE: The high-quality snaps on the wings are easy to open and close, greatly keep the reusable menstrual pads from bunching in case for leaking on the sides and minimize the allergic reaction. Snaps are 100% recyclable.

• GREAT CHOICE FOR WOMEN: The best reusable alternatives to disposable pads. Ideal for menstrual period discharge (light/medium/heavy flow), bladder leakage and postpartum. Can work as period panties too. Suitable for mama, girl, maiden, pregnant and post-partum mothers and even older women with incontinence issues.

• ORGANIC COTTON VS BAMBOO REUSABLE MENSTRUAL PADS: Organic Cotton is a material we've passionately endorsed. organic cotton has gone great strides to make sure that their environmental impact here is less. While the bamboo fabric is natural and produced ethically and sustainably, it is not certified organic. Only Organic Cotton is additionally certified with health benefits for its users as well as those involved in its processing.

Benefits from switching to our reusable menstrual pads heavy flow set:

1) not only prevent your feminine parts to irritate & rash but also degrade within 1-3 years, greatly helping cut down on landfill waste.
2) 1pc = 200pcs disposable liners or disposable pads, you can save tons of money in the long run.
3) Always on hands, never run out or have to make the dash to the supermarket to get more.
4) No adhesive strip to catch pubic hair.

5) You can change them more often, as you do not have to worry about wasting.

6) Less smell when using reusable menstrual pads.

Package Include:
• 3 pieces pantyliners 7.0*5.9 inches(sealed condition)
• 10 pieces day pads 11.00*7.87 inches(sealed condition)
• 2 pieces night pads 13.38*7.87 inches(sealed condition)
• 3 pieces night pads plus 15.75*7.87 inches(sealed condition)
1pc 7.5 inches wet bag


When you buy and use a reusable product, you are showing your children how to care for the world they will inherit.


• Wash pads before first use.


Welcome to see our FAQ for even more information.


Take our reusable menstrual pads heavy flow set to upgrade your period now. you won’t regret it! Buy now! with a discount!

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These are totally among my top favourites! So soft and luxurious-feeling, and extremely high quality workmanship. They are breathable and they are very fast-drying. These pads are perhaps the most comfortable ones I tried. Also-zero staining on these.


I use the daily liners and medium and heavy period pads and all of them are amazing. The pantyliners are soft and comfortable, I Love using them while knowing that I am not using the disposables with chemicals. The period pads are extremely absorbent and do not make a mess but keep things very clean. They don't leak and are also super comfortable and soft.


I have been very disappointing in many of the pad brands that I have tried in the past. They move, bunch, and leak. I happened to see these luckypads randomly online one day and thought I would give them a try. I have been using the Luckypads for heavy flow for a few months now and I LOVE them! The absorbency is awesome! No more leaks! Not to mention... this pad stays in place! EVEN THE WINGS! This pad stays in place securely! You need to try these if you are very active, working out or just need a comfy,absorbent, and thin pad that stays put! PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKING THIS PRODUCT. I finally don't mind my period!

John A.

These are now my absolute favorite resuable pads!!! The design is what my curvaceous body needs, the length is great, but the absolute best is how thin they are! I forgot I was wearing them, they are that thin & comfortable. Today was my second day wearing the "night pads" size, which I wore during the day to see if they'd stay in place before attempting to wear it at night. They stay in place, absorb well, rinse easily, stitching is well done, and they have very pretty fabrics. These reusable menstrual pads are definitely "the best" in the 3 or 4 different brands I've tried, and I will definitely be ordering another set.


If you are thinking you would like to try cloth pads these are the ones I would whole-heartedly recommend. I was curious about cloth since I was having sensitivity issues with disposable pads. Since I have switched I am feeling a whole lot better! I bought the set and after a bit of troubleshooting (making sure I had the pad in the right place and that my panties were wide enough to prevent slipping) I am in love. I am a heavy flow gal and have not had an issue. These pads can handle it. They are also very easy to clean. I rinse them out right after I take them off and if they need it add a bit of peroxide to help with cleaning them. Then I stash them until wash time. I wash them with just a bit of my normal laundry soap and vinegar. I will be buying more soon!