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Day Pad 250mm*80mm

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Our cotton day pad 250mm is customizable absorbency for light to moderate flow.

• Certified Organic Cotton: our cotton day pads are certified by GOTS.
• Material: 100% organic cotton, bamboo fiber gauze, TPU high breathable tarpaulin.
Internal Layers: 6 layers
Dimension: 250*80mm 
Pattern: 3 patterns available for you to choose
• Manufacturer: made in china
Weight: approx 30g

• High-Quality Snaps: high-quality plastic snaps that minimize the allergic reaction.

Benefits from switching to our cotton day pad 250mm:
• Health Concerns: save yourself from conventional disposable pads and tampons that containing irritating chemicals and additives.
• Big Saving: after the initial investment, a stash of cotton day pad can be used for 5-10 years without replacement, so it's much cheaper in the long-run.
• Environmental Protection: when you finally wear out your cotton day pads, they can be completely biodegradable, and will decompose in 1-5 years.
• Comfort: cotton day pads lack that distinctive sweaty feeling and foul odor disposables have because they are breathable. you can still have a waterproof barrier that isn't air-tight!

How to use

How to wash/clean

How to fold and store

Package Include:
• 1 piece day pad 250mm (sealed condition)
• 1 LUCKYPADS reusable bag

• Wash pads before first use.


Welcome to check out our testimonials from people who have made the switch already, or see our FAQ for even more information.


Ready to give our cotton day pad 250mm a try? you won’t regret it! Buy now! with a discount!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Such an amazing product, I liked that is environmentally friendly. I received this a few days ago, i would recommend this and i would definitely buy them again.


Awesome!!! These pads are real treasure! I always recommend them to all ladies. I love their size, absorbency, comfort and flexibility. Complete perfection!


There are very absorbant and comfortable. The best!


I am very satisfied with this product. It works pretty good. I appreciate this very much. I still wish they would make the same product in an extra-long pad, as I love this design very much. hahaha...


They work great. All as described. Love the style, very cute.