Is it ok to use cloth panty liners every day?

Do you use panty liners? Have you found yourself wondering whether they’re really ok to use? Are they safe? Can you wear them every day? If they are disposable liner, the short answer is "NO".  Cause the Experts say panty liners can irritate the sensitive skin of the vulva — the external part of a woman’s genitalia. If they are cloth panty liners, it's absolutely no problem. Let’s dive into some essential panty liner facts so you can make an informed decision about whether cloth panty liners are for you.


The reason why disposable panty liner is not ok to use every day?


Using disposable panty liners every day might increase your chances of getting a vaginal yeast infection — an unpleasant fungal infection that leads to burning, itching, and thick discharge — especially if you've had one before


Is it ok to wear reusable cloth panty liners every day?

When made from the right materials, reusable cloth panty liners are perfectly fine to use every day. 


When choosing a panty liner, make sure you pay attention to its material — cotton and bamboo are excellent materials for reusable cloth panty liners. Cotton, in particular, is naturally breathable and absorbs moisture and discharge instead of repelling it. These characteristics allow the right combination of absorbency and airflow you need to keep your vagina healthy. 


If you can, seek out reusable cloth panty liners that make with organic cotton which is known as the best panty liners. When you choose organic cotton cloth panty liners, it means you’re not exposing the delicate skin of your vulva to chemicals or irritating materials. Make sure you look for Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton — that lets you know the product you’re buying is definitely organic cotton cloth pantyliners. 


Material type matters too. Look for liners with a cotton interlock weave instead of terry toweling, cotton fleece, or flannel. An interlock weave style of cotton means the pad is smooth, and you won’t have issues with loose fibers or the panty liner sticking to your body.


Why should I use a reusable cloth panty liner?

The role of a reusable cloth panty liner is pretty simple. It provides a barrier against daily vaginal discharge, spotting, light menstrual flow, and sweat.

Vaginal discharge

If you’re not quite sure about what’s normal when it comes to vaginal discharge, the first thing to know is it’s healthy and necessary. Vaginal discharge and secretions help keep your vulva and vagina moist and remove bacteria and dead cells.


While we know vaginal discharge is healthy, it can be problematic when the environment around your vulva gets too moist. It can also be annoying when it stains your underwear. A reusable cloth panty liner tackles both problems, absorbing excess moisture and discharge and protecting your underwear (a reusable cloth panty liner with a non-waterproof construction is ideal here). 

Light bleeding

Another reason women use reusable cloth panty liners is to manage light bleeding. Light bleeding includes spot bleeding between periods, irregular periods, and a very light flow at the end of your menstrual cycle. Some women also use reusable cloth panty liners when using a menstrual cup or tampon.


Pregnant women find reusable cloth panty liners particularly useful. The hormone fluctuations we experience during pregnancy increases the production of cervical fluid and vaginal discharge. Pregnancy can also bring with it the challenge of occasional urine leakage. Resuable cloth panty liners help pregnant women stay fresh and comfortable.


Apart from dealing with regular discharge and light blood flow, some women use reusable cloth panty liners because of their lifestyle. Women who take gym classes often report reusable cloth panty liners are perfect for dealing with extra sweat. Women who live in humid climates find them useful to keep themselves clean and dry. Interestingly, operating theatre nurses often wear reusable cloth panty liners as they can get sweaty wearing scrubs all day. It seems there are lots of scenarios where reusable cloth panty liners can help support you feeling fresh and comfortable.


Can reusable cloth panty liners cause an infection?

Vaginal infection problems start when we disrupt the harmony of bacteria in our vagina. If we create an environment that’s too moist certain bacteria in our vagina can rapidly multiply. When this happens, we risk getting an infection like bacterial vaginosis or thrush.


Reusable cloth panty liners won’t cause infections as long as they’re made from a breathable material like organic cotton and changed regularly.


The other thing to consider is making sure you change your liners frequently enough. A good hygiene practice is to change your reusable cloth panty liner every 3 to 5 hours. 


I have sensitive skin — can I use reusable cloth panty liners?

Good quality reusable cloth panty liners have a simple design and only use a few materials that are gentle on skin. Because of this, reusable cloth panty liners are the best panty liners for those of us with sensitive skin.

In particular, look for reusable cloth panty liners that use top and absorption layers made from unbleached and undyed (GOTS) organic cotton. Also, make sure you avoid any reusable cloth panty liners that are scented. Scented panty liners are often treated with chemicals that can irritate your skin.


How often should I wear reusable cloth panty liners?

We recommend that you wear each reusable cloth panty liner for around 3-5 hours before changing to a fresh one. 


I found that there are 2 types of panty liners in your website, non-water proof cloth panty liners and waterproof cloth panty liners, what is the difference between then?

Cloth panty liners, in particular, often come with two different constructions. You can use waterproof cloth panty liners and non-water proof cloth panty liners.


Cloth panty liners that aren’t waterproof are for daily vaginal discharge(except menstrual period discharge). Perfect travel companion, can work as panties. No waterproof layer means these types of liners are as breathable as possible.


Cloth panty liners with waterproof coatings are solution for menstrual period discharge (light days) or pre and post-period daily protection, light bladder leakage, or as a back-up for your menstrual cup. Can work as period panties too.  


Over to you

When made from the right materials, cloth panty liners can help you feel fresh, protect your underwear, and leave you feeling confident you’re protected if you experience light bleeding.


Is it time to dive in and find the right set of cloth panty liners for you?

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