How To Use Cloth Menstrual Pads In A Public Restroom?

How to use cloth menstrual pads in a public restroom

Cloth menstrual pads are perfect for using anywhere. But if you’re new to wearing them, you might be a bit unsure about how to use and store cloth menstrual pads at work or at school - so here is some advice about using cloth menstrual pads in a public restroom! Whether you’re at school or college, at work all day, out with friends or traveling.

How to use and store cloth menstrual pads in a public restroom?

If you were using a disposable pad, you’d simply throw it into the sanitary waste bin or trash can in the cubicle, put on a new pad and go. However, with reusable cloth menstrual pads, like our LUCKYPADS, the whole point is not to throw them away. This is great for some reasons! It’s better for your pocket - you’re not having to buy packet after pack or disposable pads every month, or whenever your period rolls around. you won’t be putting extra waste into bins and landfill - ultimately damaging our planet. So not only will you be having a more comfortable period, you’ll be having a guilt-free one too!

You might be wondering where exactly you put our reusable cloth menstrual pads when they’re used. And there are multiple options here! After changing our reusable cloth menstrual pads inside a public washroom, used pads can be folded in on themselves and popped straight in the handbag that along with you after use, or you can get a dedicated pouch to store used pads in.

No dedicated pouch? No problem! we offer 2 kinds of dedicated pouches for you to chose from.

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It makes sense to carry two pouches, or at least a double-sided bag. That way you have a place to store used reusable cloth menstrual pads, and somewhere to keep your fresh ones ready for when you need to change them over. That way if you’re in a rush, you won’t be caught out trying to find an unused pad. 

If you do choose to fold your used pad in on itself and store it in your handbag or purse, don’t worry about it leaking. Reusable cloth menstrual pads are absorbent enough that the blood won’t leak out from the pad and onto your belongings or the inside of your bag.

Reusable cloth menstrual pads tend to absorb any smells too, but if you are worried about that then keep a miniature perfume or body spray in your bag and spritz it onto the used pad when storing it. Be careful not to spray scents on unused pads, though! This can be particularly irritating to the most delicate area of your body. Disposable pads are made with chemicals, too, and the scent you can often smell is because of the way the blood mixes with these chemicals. Our LUCKYPADS reusable cloth menstrual pads are made with organic cotton, without chemicals, so you definitely shouldn’t be able to smell anything.

There are other options for storing used reusable cloth menstrual pads. Ziploc bags are handy, as they take up little to no space and can be completely sealed - if you are worried about any smells, this might be a good choice for you. However, Ziploc bags (and other similar re-sealable plastic bags) often end up in landfills too. People tend not to reuse them as much as they can be reused, or they break due to their somewhat flimsy nature. If they end up in landfills, you are undoing the great steps you’ve made to live a more eco-friendly life using reusable cloth menstrual pads!

To combat this, consider cotton bags(cotton bag is available on our website as well), or makeup bags. That way you can just pop your used pad into a bag that doesn’t look out of place within your handbag or purse, and go about your day. If you’re worried about being discreet when having your period, this might be the best option for you! Most people would have some sort of smaller bag within their rucksack, handbag or purse so it wouldn’t look out of place in the slightest. You can get bags that are waterproof on the inside, or simply just little cotton bags that can be thrown into the washing machine when you wash your reusable cloth menstrual pads at the end of your period. 

How to wash/clean cloth menstrual pads once arrive home?

Once you arrive home, simply rinse out discharge under running cold water, leave it to soak in cold water for a few hours (min. 2 hours recommended) and lather some natural soap on it, and then either hand wash it out or pop it in the washing machine with your regular load (cold water cycle), and you're done :) Follow our care instructions here in case you need some tips on how to have them looking fresh every time your period comes around.

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It has to be said, too, that you won’t need to change them too often. Reusable cloth menstrual pads are super absorbent, so you can leave them on for much longer than disposable pads. They are more comfortable, too, and you won’t find them curling in, rubbing your skin or creasing and crumpling.

As mentioned, cloth menstrual pads are so much better for your bank account and our environment. And now you know how to use and store cloth menstrual pads in public, what are you waiting for? Our cloth menstrual pads starter kit contains everything you need to start using cloth menstrual pads, and make a real difference to the planet while being able to live an easier life on your period.

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