Your Ultimate Savior; Luckypads Period Panties

How many times you have been hit by a sudden fear of period stains and a leaking pad? Be it parties, hangouts, or a normal day at work/school; this lingering fear and mortification can haunt you anywhere anytime. You need some added protection with your tampon or pad.

Try Luckypads period panties;

What are Period Panties and how do they work?

Ordinary panties usually cannot sustain leakage; this is because their fabric, stitch, and material are not designed to prevent unwanted stains and leakages. On the other hand, period panties are three-piece panties that are specifically designed to give you extra protection during your rough days. Especially in the starting days, these panties can pair up perfectly with your tampons, pads, and menstrual cups.

Period panties are a must if you want to feel free and secure when going out during your periods. They give you protection by simply hugging your waist and hips perfectly and avoiding any stains leaking through.

Period panties VS period underwear

People often mistake period panties with period underwear. While the two names might sound similar, these are two different things. Period panties are made to provide you extra protection against period stains and leakage. In other words, period panties are the best friend of your pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. Period panties are to be used with your pads etc while period underwear replaces the function of a pad.

Period underwear is made up of thick fabric which works as underwear as well as a pad. The main difference between period panties and period underwear is that while period underwear is made for absorption, period panties are NOT made to absorb but to add protection and ease.

Period panties are extremely comfortable to wear; these are not made up of thick-lined fabric but a breathable and perfectly hugging material to make you feel at ease doesn't matter what you are doing. You can slide into these effortlessly and forget about your periods when you are out.

People who use ordinary panties are still new to the concept of this product and how it can give you that added protection during heavy flow and discomfort. Well don't worry, because we are here to answer all your question about period panties, how do they work, and what is so special about them.

These are some frequently asked questions that we often see being popped up on the internet related to period panties.

Can I wear period Panties all day?

Period panties are pretty much like the ordinary underwear that you wear usually. It is just better for added protection and security to prevent any stains or leakage. So yes, you can wear period panties for a day or maybe even longer.

Since you are using this product for protection and not for absorption, you can wear these for longer than period underwear. You just have to keep changing your tampon or pad timely ( or in case of a menstrual cup, empty it) and you can wear keep wearing the Luckypad period panties for an entire day without any stains or leakage.

Lucky pads period panties are extremely comfortable and breathable. You can wear these easily for a day without any sweat, smell, or discomfort.

What are LUCKYPADS period panties made of?

Luckypads prioritizes comprises neither on comfort nor on function. Luckypads period panties are made of materials that are comfortable, breathable, and nicks sweat easily. Most panties are made up of 92.6% cotton, 4.2% spandex, and 3.2 percent nylon.

The internal layer is made of 100% cotton providing you that extra support and protection. Cotton makes these panties breathable regardless of the weather. The spandex allows a three-way stretch that fits perfectly to your torso.

How often should I change my period Panties?

Luckypads period panties are a garment that is odor-resistant, and naturally antimicrobial. You can use these while wearing pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. There are many things that should be taken into consideration when it comes to the question "how often should you change your period panties?"

For instance, one's hygiene, odor, discomfort, stains, and sweat are some factors that you should consider while changing your period panties. Ideally, you can wear Luckypads periods panties for a day and maybe even longer. But it is best to change it every day since sweat and odor can make you uncomfortable if you wear them longer.

 How to care period Panties?

It is also extremely important to take care of your period panties. You can wash these and reuse them during your next cycle. Since your hygiene is very important, you need to make sure that you are washing off any stain or sweat completely.

Use detergent that will not destroy the fabric and material of your period panties. Good smell is the key to feeling better during your off days, so always remember to use nice smelling detergent and comforter while washing these. Also, use fabric softener with your detergent to maintain the nice and soft feel of cotton fabric.

Period panties nick sweat away from the skin leaving you carefree and comfortable. Luckypads prioritizes both comfort and function, making life easier for women- each day.

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