The Ultimate Guide to Teen Menstrual Products in 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Teen Menstrual Products in 2022

Have you ever felt ashamed of going to the bathroom many times to check your periods? If yes, you are at the right place. This is not the only case with you. Almost 99% of teenage girls face this situation in fear of pad leakage.

If you spend most of your menstrual time-stressed, you should look for some advanced menstrual products. This comprehensive blog will discuss teen menstrual products in 2022, along with their usage and uniqueness. Having these advanced menstrual products can save you time and money and give you relief from cramps. 

What are the Menstrual Products Available For Teens?

There are many types of menstrual products on the market. Some of these teens' menstrual products are external, while others are internal.  
As the name depicts, external products must be worn outside the body. At the same time, the inner products are inserted into the vagina to collect the blood.

1- External Menstrual Products

 External menstrual products are commonly used all over the world. Women wear such products on the body outside the vagina. These products will absorb blood when blood leaves the vagina. Common external menstrual products are reusable menstrual pads, period pants, and disposable sanitary pads.

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    Do you want to save money by reusing your pads? If yes, reusable menstrual pads and panty liners are the perfect options for you. Such pads are made up of high absorbency fabric. You can wash it and reuse it again and again.

    • Period Pants

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      Using period pants is also a great option if you are looking for reusable menstrual products. These pants seem like normal underwear but have an additional absorbent layer to collect blood leaving the vagina. The size, style, and absorbency of period pants vary. Pick up a period pant depending upon the rate of your menstrual flow.

      • Disposable sanitary pads

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        Disposable sanitary napkins are thin pads made of absorbent material that absorb menstrual fluid during menstruation. These pads are disposable and need to be thrown away immediately after use.

        2- Internal Menstrual Products

        Internal menstrual products are advanced products for teens to absorb or collect menstrual fluid by inserting it into the vagina. Such common products are tampons and menstrual cups.

        • Tampons
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          The tampon is a teen menstrual product made up of a thin tube. This tube has an absorbent material that is directly attached to a string.

          A tampon is used by inserting it into the vagina. It’s very easy to insert tampons in your vagina by pressing or pulling strings. Feel free to use a tampon for 4-8 hours. Prefer using plastic-free tampons made up of cotton and anti-pesticide material.

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            Menstrual cups are reusable, durable products to collect menstrual flow. You can use these cusps for months. All you need is to wet, fold, and insert the cup into the vagina to collect blood. It usually gets filled in 4-8 hours.

            You need to take out the cup when it gets filled by pitching its base, rinsing, and reinserting it. These cups are made up of different materials like latex, silicone, or TPE plastic in different sizes.

            What are the pros and cons of these menstrual products

            Among all the above menstrual products, disposable sanitary pads and tampons are disposable products and will be discarded immediately after use. Their advantages are convenience, but their disadvantages are that they create a lot of waste and may also contain some chemicals that make you skin irritation and rash.

            Reusable menstrual pads, panties, and menstrual cups are all reusable menstrual products. They can be reused for years, saving you a lot of money without generating menstrual waste. They are budget-friendly, Convenient and safer to use,  eco-friendly, can be reduced, recycled, and reused,  and have no unpleasant odor and irritation.

            How to use them?

            External menstrual products are easy to use, when using the disposable sanitary pad, you only need to tear off the seal on the back and stick it on the underwear.r; use the reusable menstrual pad, which needs to be placed in your underwear, then button up the two wings on the back of the panties, and menstrual panties are more simple, is like wearing normal panties.

            Tampons and menstrual cups are relatively difficult to use, and it takes a while for beginners to get used to them.

            • How to Use Tampons?
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              The choice of tampons should be based on the amount of tampons to choose the appropriate amount of tampons. Wash your hands, take apart the tampon, and keep the cellophane packaging.

              Gently pull the cotton rope around, the end of the cotton sliver expands into a small umbrella shape, put the index finger into the plastic bag, find a suitable position, and gently open the labia.

              Gently push the tampon along the vagina, leaving the thread outside for easy removal. When using a tampon, it should be replaced within 2-4 hours, and try not to exceed 8 hours.

              • How to Use Menstrual Cup?
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                To use a menstrual cup, lubricate or moisten it with water. Doing so will help you make the insertion of the cup in the vagina convenient. After applying water-based lubricant on the cup rim, fold it tightly in half and insert it into the vagina by keeping the rim facing upward.

                Once the cup gets inserted into your vagina, gently rotate it. This rotation creates an airtight seal to avoid blood leakage. Feel free to use it for 6 to 12 hours, don't exceed 12 hours. Empty the menstrual cup whenever it gets filled.

                Make sure to rinse the menstrual cup before reusing it. To remove the properly inserted cup out of the vagina, you should pull the cup from the base slightly by pressing your thumb and index finger in the vagina. Using these menstrual cups is durable and budget-friendly.

                What are the effects of using inappropriate menstrual products?

                Using inappropriate menstrual products can cause skin irritations, itching, and rashes. The skin in the vaginal area is sensitive because it has a high pH level which makes it harder to protect against infections. This delicate balance can be easily disrupted when using products with a pH outside of the normal range.

                Using the right menstrual products through menstruation will naturally absorb some of your body's natural fluids (blood, vaginal discharge) and keep the area clean, dry, and healthy. Wearing suitable menstrual products can protect your skin against irritations like rashes.

                How to decide what to use?

                It is a great idea to read menstrual product reviews before using them. Some menstrual products are synthetic chemicals that can cause irritation, skin problems, and allergies.

                Some menstrual products are not eco-friendly. These products usually contain PVC or other plastic chemicals that interfere with fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

                Moreover, many household plants and animals can be harmed by synthetic fibers.

                So it's a good idea to use eco-friendly reusable menstrual products. But for teens, it may take a long time to test these menstrual products before finally finding the one that is most comfortable and satisfying to you.

                How to relieve menstrual discomfort?

                Menstrual cramps are quite painful and uncomfortable. You can relieve menstrual cramps by using the following remedies:

                • Use a heating pad.
                • Taking a hot bath.
                • Exercise.
                • Drink plenty of water.
                • Try deep breathing exercises.
                • Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen (Advil), naproxen (Aleve), and acetaminophen (Tylenol) are examples of over-the-counter pain relievers. Always read the directions on the bottle carefully. If you have an allergy to aspirin or severe asthma, talk to your doctor before taking medication.

                Final Thoughts

                That's all for now about the teen menstrual products guide. We hope that through this blog you have a clear idea of choosing the right menstrual products for safe and healthy menses.

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