2020 The Best Reusable Cloth Pads For Periods - LUCKYPADS

2020 The Best Reusable Cloth Pads For Periods - LUCKYPADS

Gone are the days where disposable pads and tampons are our only option. Finally, we have more product choices, and for the first time, reusable period pads are readily available. But how do you know which brand of reusable period pads is best for you?

LUCKYPADS are a fantastic option for reusable period pads. Let’s explore why so many women trust LUCKYPADS with their menstrual best care.

They are safe for your body

LUCKYPADS offers a simple, safe, and comfortable way to manage your period

We’ve designed our products so that you can feel confident you’re not exposing the delicate skin of your vulva to chemicals or irritating materials.

Both the top and absorption layers of our reusable menstrual pads are unbleached and undyed organic cotton. Our organic cotton complies with the Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS).

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Cotton is naturally breathable and absorbs the moisture instead of repelling it. These characteristics allow the right combination of absorbency and airflow you need to keep your vagina healthy.

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The inside of the outer layer of our reusable menstrual pads has a special waterproof coating (made from thermoplastic polyurethane). This material is body-safe and widely used in textile manufacture and also medical devices.

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When using our reusable menstrual pads, you fasten them onto your underwear with snaps, so we don’t have to use adhesives or other irritating components. You also won’t find the wood cellulose, gels, or fragrances found in other menstrual products.

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You can feel confident wearing them

If you’re going to make the switch to reusable menstrual pads, you need to know they will work well for you every time.

LUCKYPADS reusable menstrual pads are leakproof, so you can always feel confident wearing them. We’ve achieved this through a unique combination of absorbent cotton and a flexible waterproof coating. This coating is made from biodegradable TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). TPU is a rubber-like material that is incredibly safe, flexible, durable, and smooth to touch. 

You can trust that they’ll last

Each of our reusable sanitary pads is carefully handmade by our professional seamstresses to ensure their durability. When you buy our reusable sanitary pads, you might notice pad shapes, and stitching varies slightly — this variability is evidence of our careful handmade construction.

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LUCKYPADS is a professional manufacturer, not a reseller. We develop all of our products from start to finish and adhere to rigorous quality standards. We care about our products and our customers, and the result of this is high-quality products that our customers love.

They don’t contribute to landfill

It’s widely estimated women who use disposable menstrual products may go through more than 12,000 pads or tampons in their lifetime. 

At LUCKYPADS, we have no interest in contributing to our world’s landfill problem. All materials used in our reusable cotton pads for period are either biodegradable or recyclable. 

The cotton in our reusable pads for periods takes 12 months to biodegrade. The TPU waterproof lining in our reusable cotton pads for periods can also breakdown within 3 to 5 years. 

The plastic snaps aren’t biodegradable, but they are recyclable. So before disposing of your reusable cotton pads for periods, you can cut the snaps out and recycle them separately. 

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They cater for all types of menstrual cycles

At LUCKYPADS, we understand women and their cycles are different. We also appreciate that periods change depending on your season of life. To make sure we can support you no matter what your period is doing, we offer seven different pad sizes. Our designs range from the lightest cloth panty liners to super/extremely heavy period reusable cloth pads. 

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They feel like regular underwear

When you wear LUCKYPADS reusable nursing pads, you’ll feel like you’re wearing regular underwear against your skin. Our reusable nursing pads feel so good because we use a light, high-quality organic cotton (that is GOTS certified) with an interlock weave. You won’t find terry toweling, cotton fleece, or flannel (common in other brands).

Having your period doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable!


Over to you

LUCKYPADS reusable period pads will leave you feeling confident you’re taking great care of your body and the environment. Our reusable period pads are leak proof and durable. They feel good to wear, are made from top quality materials (including GOTS certified organic cotton), and are free from chemicals and other irritants. Best of all, there is something in the LUCKYPADS range that will suit you and your period. 

Now, you have gotten to know why so many women trust LUCKYPADS reusable period pads with their menstrual best care, why not explore LUCKYPADS today and find your perfect match?

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