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Day Pad 230mm*80mm

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Our natural day pad 230mm is great for light flow or moderate flow during the day.

• Certified Organic Cotton: our natural day pads are certified by GOTS.
• Material: 100% organic cotton, TPU high breathable tarpaulin.
Internal Layers: 6 layers
Dimension: 230*80mm 
Pattern: 4 patterns available for you to choose
• Manufacturer: made in china
Weight: approx 45g

• High-Quality Snaps: high-quality plastic snaps that minimize the allergic reaction.

Benefits from switching to our natural day pad 230mm :
• Health Concerns: save yourself from conventional disposable pads and tampons that containing irritating chemicals and additives.
• Big Saving: after the initial investment, a stash of natural day pad can be used for 5-10 years without replacement, so it's much cheaper in the long-run.
• Environmental Protection: when you finally wear out our natural day pads, they can be completely biodegradable, and will decompose in 1-5 years.
• Comfort: natural day pads lack that distinctive sweaty feeling and foul odor disposables have because they are breathable. you can still have a waterproof barrier that isn't air-tight!

How to use

How to wash/clean

How to fold and store

Package Include:
• 1 piece day pad 230mm (sealed condition)
• 1 LUCKYPADS reusable bag

• Wash pads before first use.


Welcome to see our FAQ for even more information.


Ready to give our natural day pad 230mm a try? you won’t regret it! Buy now! with a discount!

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Switching to cloth pads was one of the best decisions I've made as a woman. It is honestly the first time in my life I feel comfortable during my period. They fit nicely, absorb very well and do not irritate. I'm never going back.


"I still remember reading that it takes 360 years for a "normal" plastic pad to disintegrate in the landfills. This is horrible, and imagine how many you use a year. It really bothered me. So I decided to investigate and see what options I had that would allow me to help the environment. And thus I found this wonderful product and I will never ever go back to plastic pads. First, these pads are so comfortable. I use them when I run and hike. I run 3 miles a day and these pads don't slide, move, bend, crinkle, etc. They stay in place. Second, washing is super easy. I usually throw them in the washer and with a little vinegar and baking soda I wash them. WARNING! 1. When you are done using the pad wash it with cold water and soap. Or you can just leave it in cold water 2. When you are ready to place them in your washer make sure it is in the "permanent press"cycle and cold water. - Hot water makes the blood stay on the fabric.


Love, love love these! So comfy and absorbent, makes you wonder why you haven?ˉt switched to reusable sooner.


These are amazing! So soft and absorbent. I was searching for an alternative for disposables, as they are really quite uncomfortable. I bought just one of these to try after remembering them from luckypads and I?ˉm never going back to disposables! These are eco-friendly, super comfortable, Thanks luckypads!